Golfing for Great Exercise

Some people question whether the game of golf is a sport where you really get any exercise. They argue that golfers who ride in a golf cart from hole to hole and only walk a few feet to swing their club can't really call it exercise. You could argue back that you are using up calories to get in and out of the cart when walking up to your ball and you're also using calories and muscles to swing at the ball. And to further your case, you could add something about it being better for you than sitting at home like a couch potato. Next thing you know, you're heaping an extra helping of dinner on your plate because you feel great about the exercise you just got on the course. But are you really getting as much exercise out of golf as you think you are? Or as you could get? If you're riding in a cart, then probably not. There are three levels of golf exercise: • Riding in the golf cart. • Walking the course while pulling or pushing your bag on a hand cart. • Walking the course with your bag slung over your shoulder. If you'd like to burn the most calories, the third option is obviously the best choice. But what if you can't walk all 18 holes, or even 9 for that matter? First make sure, as with any physical activity, you get your doctor's okay to exercise. Then take it slow and build up your tolerance. You may not be able to walk the whole thing at first, so start with walking a few holes and then riding in the cart for the rest of the game. Do what you can and work up to doing the front 9, then the whole 18. Perhaps you've got your doctor and your spouse breathing down your neck to drop some weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. You love to golf but don't get out there that often. Here's your chance to combine the two - getting a workout while playing the game you love. It's fun and you're getting exercise without having to go to a gym. The added benefits will be improving your score and putting you in better physical shape for the game of life. So plan now to hit the course as often as possible, and walk at home in-between those times. It might help you to remember that continuing with your walking regimen will help you on the golf course. According to, you can burn up to 474 calories per hour when carrying your clubs while golfing. And how many hours does it take you to golf 18? Yes, playing golf can be great exercise if you leave the golf cart to others and walk the course on your own two feet. Do what you can and increase your exercise tolerance until you're walking the whole game, every game. Maybe then you can eat that second helping at dinner.


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