Sports The Whole Family Can Enjoy Together

Fitness does not have to involve going to a gym and working out with weights or running on a treadmill. There are a variety of activities outside of the gym that are both fun and fitness oriented. Sporting activities are one example of a way the family can spend time together and get a great workout as well. You don’t have to be a professional or even bring your “A” game, just as long as you’re willing to get involved and have fun. Let’s look at a few sports that will keep your family active and happy. Volleyball – This sport can be fun whether you set up a net in the backyard or get a game going on the beach. Volleyball is a wonderful sport for your overall health because it strengthens muscles in your arms and legs, allows for better hand-eye coordination, and increases your energy level. You burn a ton of calories and is a great way to tone and tighten those problems areas you may have. The whole family will get a great overall workout and walk away feeling strong and energized. Golf – There are numerous benefits to playing a round of golf, especially if you decide to forego using a caddy and a golf cart. Generally 18 holes of golf would be around 5 miles if you walk the whole distance. This is a way to get a great cardiovascular workout, all while taking in the beautiful scenery on the golf course. Unless you and your children are avid golfers, it may be easier to choose a round of miniature golf instead, but you still get the benefit of walking the course, swinging the club, and consistently moving while you play. Tennis– Playing a game of tennis can be as moderate or intense as you choose. Your reflexes, speed, and agility will be put to the test and you will burn a huge amount of calories during this aerobic workout. Hitting the ball back and forth to your children is a great way to work your arm and leg muscles. This is especially true if your children don’t hit the ball directly back to you and you find yourself jogging to chase it around the court. Tennis is a great overall workout and is a perfect way for a family to get their game on and show their skills. Playing sports as a family is a great way to build character and teach your kids to work as a team. Working together can strengthen relationships and form a bond that can’t be broken. Playing sports with your children is also a way to build their confidence, self-esteem, and sportsmanship. The values and skills learned during this time is something that won’t be easily forgotten. Playing sports as a family can instill positive habits that will have a lasting effect on your relationships both now and throughout life.


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